Sunday, April 17, 2011

Merichka's and a Wine Tasting

A DDD Diner in Crest Hill.

Onion Rings, very good.
Steak Poor Boy with Sauteed Mushrooms.
Steak Poor Boy and Double Baked Potato.
Steak Poor Boy with a Double Baked Potato.
Icelandic Cod Sandwich with Garlic Butterine.
Icelandic Cod Sandwich.
The Icelandic Cod Sandwich is not normally served on the bread with the Garlic Butterine, you just have to ask. I wanted it just like they make their Poor Boys, and it was very, very good.

So then we went to Wine and Cheese by Two Clueless Chicks in Plainfield.

3 Cheese 1 Meat Chefs Choice.
Three Cheese Plate.
Fig and Baked Brie
We all had a great time!
We all had a great time and excellent wine and food! We will definitely go back again!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lockdown Bar and Grill a Metal Burger Bar

Lockdown Bar and Grill. A heavy metal burger bar.

Bone Collector- Crispy Wings with a Ginger Sweet Chili Sauce.
The Prison Yard- 1 lb Mussels Coconut Curry Sauce.

Arson- Roasted Scotch Bonnet, Lockdown Hot Sauce and Jalapeno Jack Cheese.

Cruelty to Animals-Bacon, Carnitas and Prosciutto.
Possession of Shrooms' Goat Cheese, Portobello and Wild Mushrooms with a Turkey Burger.
Turkey Burger with Goat Cheese and Mushrooms.
The Big House- Bacon BBQ sauce and Yellow Cheddar.
After lunch we went to a wine and cheese pairing at Lynferd Winery. It was so much fun and lots of great tastes! /

This picture may not have turned out the best but this was the best Truffle I have ever had in my life!
Lynfred Winery has 4 locations you should defiantly visit one if you are in their area!