Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crosstown Pub and Grill

Crosstown Pub and Grill seen on Chicago's Best TV
Breaded Jalapeno Coins

Clam Chowder.

Nothing goes better with wings than beer.

Loaded Mac & Cheesey-
Hellbilly burger- Touched with Devil's Sweat Sauce, Pepper Jack, Fried Jalapenos & Bacon.  In a little pain but he ate the whole thing!

Fish & Shrimp with Chips- with homemade tar-tar sauce.

Mini Pulled Porks- topped with onion strings, with Homemade Chips.
Pizza Wings- Fan freaking-tastic! That is Parmesan Garlic Butter all over that plate!

PB&J Wings- Very good, it's like a Thai Peanut Sauce.
Parmesan Garlic- These are the base of the Pizza ones then they add "Pizza seasoning"
Sweet Chile Garlic- I really like these but they are not hot or even spicy, you wouldn't know there were chiles in it. The Sweet Habanero are the same very sweet, no heat. But very good flavor!

I really would like to try a few other thing from the menu because they sound really good but I haven't yet, we just get wings because they are the best around!

I'm going to tell you a secret. I'm sure our 1 fan wont tell, because it's already really busy then but, Thursday is half-priced wings!